English Long Cucumber


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Grown Conventionally and Organically!


The Long English Cucumber is a slender long shaped green cucumber with a thin skin and very small seeds, so minuscule than they are hardly noticeable. We pack this variety in a plastic sleeve that protects the skin from damage and extends shelf life by avoiding water loss. Keep the cucumber fresh and cool in your refrigerator, as it will maintain for several days in low temperatures. Always wash the outside of the cucumber prior to consuming.

Storage, Ripening (if any) and Handling

  • Refrigerate
  • Cut of whole, store in a plastic bag

Fun Facts

Cucumbers have been growing around human dwellings since at least 7750 B.C., coming originally from India and Burma to Europe.

The Roman emperor, Tiberius, grew cucumbers in carts and ordered his slaves to wheel them around to catch the sun. He ate them saturated in wine.

This gourmet cucumber is also known as “seedless” or “burpless”!