Food Safety

sqfRene Produce LLC is in the business of fresh food. We strive to honor our family name and our valued customers by providing the highest quality produce. Our philosophy is to not only meet, but exceed industry standards not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. It is not a task we take lightly. And therefore food safety is an area we have always maintained the highest standards, as our integrity is infused into every vegetable we grow.

Our company has purposely concentrated on every aspect of our process to ensure quality at every step. In our fields and packing facility, Rene Produce chose to obtain the highest industry certification, the SQF Food Safety and Quality code Certifications respectively. In doing so, we have achieved the most significant and stringent designation Edition  8.1 for both of these operations. We are then re-certified every year in order to maintain this high level of distinction.


In addition to the above, Rene Produce participates in a voluntary Counter-terrorism audit. Armed with this certification and Rene Produce’s own security, our transportation system is excellent. We are also a C-TPAT (Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified partner as an importer, manufacturer and Highway Carrier. This is a collaborative program between the United States government and business designed to strengthen overall supply chain and border security. This ensures our trucks will not wait in border lines, thus contributing to the speed at which our produce reaches our customers.

In regards to the Produce Traceback Initiative – PTI, we have not only met, but exceeded the due date of 2014 by being compliant since 2011.

Rene Produce is proud of our Food Safety accomplishments, and the hard work it takes to maintain. Which is just the way our company was founded, and those principles continue to thrive today.