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Our Story

Deep within the rich, fertile farmlands of Mexico, Rene Carrillo created a company like none other. In fact, Mr. Carrillo has developed the organization to resemble more of a community, than a business. His first objective of the group has been to focus on production with great care and diligence. That is where this group’s dedication to meeting and exceeding the standards in production requirements, has enabled it to create a reputation for producing exceptional quality products within the marketplace. The quality is unsurpassed. Secondly, we exist to enhance the lives of our employees. Both of these cornerstones of our existence occur simultaneously in a company as passionate about the quality of our products as we are about our treasured employees who make it all happen.

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The legend of Rene Produce’s humble story begins over 50 years ago with Rene Carrillo. He grew up in simple surroundings on a ranch in the heart of Mexico, where the needs of the family were scarce. His father toiled through the long sweltering days working the soil as a grain farmer. The very sweat from his father’s brow pouring into the soil began a legacy and birth of a industry leading organization. Rene grew up seeing how the virtue of working hard the “old fashioned way”, could bring great results. Rene went to school through elementary level and then proceeded to work the fields with his father and Uncle.

Rene Carrillo began to ponder whether vegetables could be more a greater opportunity then grain. This lone visionary began studying under a group of local Greek farmers. Basking in their wisdom, he learned new innovative ways to plant vegetables. Being a self-starter and motivator, Rene began to put this new knowledge into action. Through diligence and back breaking work, his passion for farming began to pay off. He continued to re-invest in more land as he launched into the business of planting vegetables. This humble, “old fashioned” work ethic steadily grew this farm into the successful company it is today.

Rene Carillo is a humble man, from humble beginnings, with a vision. But the success of the business was hinged on the assembly of a significant team of passionate, hard working men. This team’s vision for quality has permeated into the very veins of the business, which continues to pay dividends today in the success and life-blood of this enterprise. Fifty years later, this team of men are still passionate, active, and involved, in guiding and supporting the next generation of the organization today.

When community comes together, greatness can be achieved. Through great vision, team effort and diligence, excellence is established. A simple hard working man, tilling the fertile soil, began a legacy. This hard work has come to fruition, and created an organization with a family of employees that is second to none in the industry. We take pride in every plant and vegetable grown with our family’s name on it, a pride that echoes throughout time in the hills and valleys of our farm, and a pride that is tasted in every bite. We are Rene Produce, we are reliable, and we are quality.