Social Accountability


Rene Produce has won the National Exporter of the Year award twice (2007/2014) because of many reasons, but the key reason is the people that work with us. We treat our employees as an extended family, supporting them and their whole family. Our people are important to us; they are treated with dignity & respect, which is why we have a 90% return rate every year. Rene Produce is not your ordinary working environment. In our company you are not just an employee, you are a part of a community. From principles developed and implemented by Mr. Carrillo, the organization continues to maintain a social obligation and responsibility by providing for the general welfare and personal progress of over 4,000 team members who actively contribute to our company’s success. It is this commitment to our community of workers that has enabled our organization to be recognized as the 38th ranked company in “Great Places to Work” for Mexico 2011, and have received the prestigious Rainforest Alliance ,for the past 4 years . You see at Rene Produce Social Responsibility is not a new phenomenon it is a part of the life blood of our community focused organization.

Community Services

Housing, Education, Nutrition, and Healthcare, are services we provide within our community.

Highlights Include:

Housing – We strive to provide optimal environments for our employees and their families to live and grow.

Education – We provide educational services to over 1,200 treasured children of our employees. It is our honor to provide schooling for children from day care through elementary school age.

Nutrition – We offer a program every day that provides their vitally important first meal of the day. Our program entitled “Warm Breakfast” ensures that our children receive just that, every morning. And we are not satisfied with it just being a warm meal. We demand that the meal provided be healthy and of high quality.

Healthcare – We are proud to offer our community healthcare, through 6 clinics that provide the basic needs of our employees and their families. In case of an emergency, we are equipped with our own ambulance with which to transport the injured to the nearest hospital. Additionally, team members are providing emotional support that only a family can provide in times of crisis.

We are a community that works together, lives together and plays together.

In addition to each employee’s competitive wage we provide:

  • Free Health Care for the whole Family.
  • Free Housing.
  • Free Electricity.
  • Free Water.
  • Free transportation TO/FROM their home towns with meals.
  • Free Dental Care.
  • Free Medicines.
  • Free Maternity/Delivery.
  • Free Physical Therapy if needed.




  • More than 4,000 employees.
  • 9 Housing Camps for our employees.
  • 11 water treatment plants in our housing facilities to provide fresh water.
  • 1,200 Kids in Day Care free to all our employees.
  • 650 Kids in Grade School, where we provide free uniforms and school supplies.
  • 100 Adults in Night School.
  • 100 Babies are born in our clinics every year.
  • 8 Full time Bachelors Degreed Trained Professionals for wellbeing.
  • 6 Clinics.
  • 6 Full time doctors.
  • 6 full time nurses.
  • 2 Dentists.
  • 5 Day Care centers for kids 42 days to 4 years old.
  • 6 Day Care center for kids over 4 years old.
  • Free weekly groceries for families whose kids are in day care/school.
  • Christmas Parade for kids where they all get at least 1 toy each.