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The glossy pear shaped deep purple vegetable, with its cream color flesh should be firm, heavy, free of external blemishes and have a fresh green calyx (stem). The eggplant is a vegetable that packs a punch with its combination of anitoxidants, and vitamins. High in fiber, manganese, and potassium. Eggplants are sensitive to temperatures being too high and too cold, as well as rough handling can cause bruises easily. Store in refrigerator for a couple of days, but consume it while it is fresh for best results.

Storage, Ripening (if any) and Handling

  • Refrigerate
  • Temperature: 46-54 F
  • Humidity: 90-95%
  • If left at room temperature for several days, eggplant becomes soft and wrinkled
  • Bruises easily

Fun Facts

In China, Ladies in high society used dark eggplant skins to stain their teeth to a black luster, a fashionable cosmetic use.