Roma Tomato

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Grown Conventionally and Organically!


Roma tomatoes are an elongated egg shaped variety, sometimes also referred to as a Plum tomato. With few seeds and firm, dense, meaty flesh, Romas have less water content and more pulp than other tomatoes making it an excellent variety used in various recipes both cooked and uncooked. Good-quality Roma tomatoes will be firm, smooth-skinned and ranging from pink to red in color. As the product ripens, the color will change to a bright red color. Keep the tomato on the kitchen counter at room temperature until you are ready to use. Avoid storing in the refrigerator, as cool temperatures can negatively impact the tomatoes flavor profile.

Storage, Ripening (if any) and Handling

  • Countertop Temperature: 55-70 F, 12.8-21.1 C.
  • No mist
  • Typical shelf life: 7-14 days
  • Highly sensitive to freezing and chilling injury
  • Do not ship below 55 F, 12.8 C.
  • Humidity higher than 85-88% will encourage decay
  • Continues to ripen after harvest

Fun Facts

Early Spanish explorers found tomatoes in Mexico and brought them back to Spain. Then botanists recognized them as cousins to belladonna and deadly nightshade and pronounced them poisonous.

Aztecs called tomatos “xitomati”  plump thing with a navel!

Aztecs prepared the first Salsa with tomatoes, peppers, corn and salt.